Monday, May 09, 2005

ScreenCast - The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a pretty incredible resource for free and open content. Here I use the Archive to search for content for "Nursing" and it turned up some pretty interesting results.
Internet Archive - screencast PDF - 1meg
Internet Archive - Podcast MP3 - 0.7meg
Internet Archive - All zipped up ZIP - 1.5meg

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Dorothy said...

Hi Leigh
The free PDF creator is wonderful - I'm now able to upload my instructions as small files. I haven't got the mp3 bit going yet but intend to try. When I try and download your mp3 I get an error?
Cathy Baxter would like to talk to you about presenting at the Networks of the Australian Flexible Learning Community Project June 8-10 Mini online event - Theme: using some 'cool' tools. I told her about your screencast model - what's the best email to get you on? Hers' is

Leigh Blackall said...

Thanks for the advice about the broken mp3 link. It should be fixed now, but make sure you refresh your browser when you on the page to be sure you have the new link loaded.