Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Recommended Audio for May

I'm going to start collating all the best audio recording I have been listening to on a monthly basis. This month includes:

  1. Steven Downes' Community Blogging where he makes an analysis of community as it emerges in blogging: how it is formed, how it should reshape the blogosphere, and how it can be implemented (quite easily) technologically. (Source website)
  2. South by SouthWest Panel on the future of Podcasting. (Sourced from Edupodder)
  3. Clayton Christensen's talk on how to understand the real impact of emerging technology in terms of what he calls Disruptive Technology. (sourced from Edupodder)
  4. An exciting recording of a discussion between Steven Sloan and Dennis Dunleavy on "where are we now with emerging technology in the classroom?". (Sourced from Edupodder)
  5. Lawrence Lessig's talk on copyright, fair use and the Creative Commons. (sourced from theweb2.0log)
  6. Susan Nash talking fro the eLearning Queen on Folklore and the Horrors of War: "El Luison" and Cadaver-Eating Dogs. (Sourced from the eLearning Queen)

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