Friday, February 11, 2005

Testing Free Internet File Storage Used With Blogger

Using a Yahoo GeoCities account, and a Yahoo BriefCase account I get Internet storage space to the tune of 50 meg and 30 meg respectfully - for free. What I want to do is store media on these accounts so I can display more graphics in the blog and link to pdf files in a post.

First test: Linking to a pdf in Briefcase:
Here is a copy of the Free and Open Source Primer for Education (PDF)
Doesn't work! because Briefcase is a secure file server :( Geocities works though.
Link to my own paper on FOSS in education

Second test: Displaying a JPEG image file loaded GeoCities:

Third test: Displaying a Shockwave animation in blogger:

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Works in Mozilla FireFox browser, but appears to not work in IE.


NK said...

Thanks for posting that awesome document on free tools !

Leigh Blackall said...

No worries, I hope you'll let me know how you use it. Good luck.