Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Staying Ahead of Your Patrons With Weblogs and RSS

Something interesting, innovative and informative out of Yale. Staying Ahead of Your Patrons talks about organisational info management agents, such as librarians, using Weblogs and News Feeds to publish and manage the flow of info - not just for achival purposes, but for currency as well!
This is a presentation done in Blogger, which in itself is interesting. What a beautifuly simple and obvious idea, how innovative, how easy! No more powerpoint or PDF, no more complex Content Management Systems... just Blogger - Easy, online, interactive, hyperlinked, searchable, NewsFeedable, comments etc etc. A great idea I reckon. Great links in this presentation too. I'd be interested to hear what Dianne the super librarian makes of it?


Genie said...

Hi Leigh,
Some of our students here at TAFE are working in teams on team projects and have decided to pass info around using a blog [without any prompting from us!!]
Good idea and it's fun too.

Leigh Blackall said...

There you go!

More and more teachers will be expected to understand this type of work process, as more and more students discover the joy of using these amazing online tools.

Can you tell me what campus and course you are running? I'd like to mention your class in future discussions.