Friday, February 18, 2005

Presentation for AFLF eLearning event, Australian Technology Park

I've been given a scorching 15 minutes to present the OpenCourseWare project and talk about the key outcomes of this Learnscope04 professional development project, at the Australian Flexible Learning Framework's eLearning event on Friday 18 Feb.

Will briefly talk about:
1. how the project was conducted - 3 minutes
2. an overview of a range of free and open source software - 3 minutes
3. how we might use free and open software in education - 3 minutes
4. propose more publishing of open courseware - 3 minutes
5. and point to further readings - 3 minutes

15 minutes may not be much, but it may be enough to point people to this blog where they can download the presentation (972kB-PDF), download the paper (751kB-PDF), and view the comic strip concept outline below (included in the PDF downloads). Please note that the paper is in draft stage and yet to be accepted by the Framework.
NB. Better to right click the links and save directly to your computer rather than have them open in your browser.

Here's a preview of the comic strip I included in it:


Jude said...

Have hard copied your pdf presentation for serious perusal, it look jam packed with useful imformation - thank you

Leigh Blackall said...

Good on ya Jude, I hope you get a lot out of it. Please keep in mind though that it is draft stage and is likely to undergo a number of changes.

Already initial feedback indicates that I need to balance the arguements more, be a little softer with opinions and statements, and perhaps restructure it a bit...

I never was much good at essay writing, but at least the guts of it is there for you to use.


Michael said...

For your comics you might find this useful!

Leigh Blackall said...

This is fantastic Michael! Great find. GREAT FIND!