Wednesday, February 16, 2005

New Zealand early adopter of Moodle

From Scoop based on a press Release: Waiariki Institute Of Technology

New Zealand early adopter of Moodle

"New Zealand has taken the lead internationally in adopting Moodle software", said Dr Reynold Macpherson, CEO of Waiariki.

"The February 3 and 4 conference at Waiariki was the largest ever to date with over 170 participants, with many more participating through the net", he said. "Spending on site licenses is apparently switching into support for elearning design".

"This conference showed early adopters that it is crucial to get a sponsor, surround yourself with professionals, get buy-in from teachers and IT, plan the implementation, employ elearning facilitators, use a reliable platform, encourage collaboration, encourage feedback and use games to make learning fun," Gary Benner said.

The location of the next conference is yet to be decided. Wherever held, it will have to be larger to cope and more interactive to address the interests of three distinct groups; the `nerds', the `chalkies' and the `critical scholars'. Ideas are welcomed by Gary Benner.

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