Thursday, February 03, 2005

Everything You Need to Teach and Learn Online Part 2

A while ago I posted "All You Need to Teach Online" where I recommended Blogger, Open Office, Yahoo eGroups, GeoCities free hosting, and Mozilla browser and email clients as everything you will ever need to effectively be teaching and learning online. I figure its time for an update, in light of a few recent discoveries.

I still recommend Blogger for delivery of everything. I definitely still recommend Open Office for developing and publishing transportable content. Mozilla is still the be all and end all for Browsers at the moment. And Yahoo's GeoCities and/or Briefcase are good options for free hosting of files. However GoogleGroups is a much better eGroup manager than Yahoo Groups, and now Picassa, Flickr, BlogLines and Del.ic.ious are on the scene.

I know, you're probably thinking its all too much. You're probably right, and by all means the original suite in "All you need..." is good enough, but read on and discover these new tools free for the taking.

Well its about time I got onto Flickr. ADawg first introduced it to me quite a while ago, I had a look but couldn't see myself using it back then. But since I downloaded Picassa a digital image sorting, editing and publishing tool (also shown to me by ADawg) I now see the light.
Flickr is a really easy to use web application great for publishing pictures to. From your Flicker images you can post to your blog, send to a Flickr group, sort into sets, share in some great socialising options, view in a fancy Flash slide show, and much more...
Once your images are stored on Flicker, there's your hosting worries over. Now just link to the image location to display the picture where ever you need it. See!

Flickr would be great for group work, project documentation, screen grab sharing, just about anything with pictures. And the comments field make it good for communicating around an image or set of images too.

is another free web application where you set up your own account and start tracking new news and updates to your favourite websites. It integrates really well with Mozilla FireFox browser, where all you need do is right click the site you like and up pops the window to add it to your Bloglines account. Great for both bookmarking good info sites, as well as tracking new information. A must have for any teacher needing to keep up to date with too many websites and blogs.

Del.ic.ious is a nice and simple web based book mark manager but with some pretty powerful social networking features. Great for just keeping your book marks on the web so you or your students can access them from anywhere, but even better for finding links to information of a similar nature, or chasing down people with similar interests... Its simplicity might make it a bit hard to use at first, but with practice it all comes together.

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