Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Picassa2 Photo Editing and Management Dream!

Picassa screen shot.

ADawg put me onto Hello at first, which has enabled me to add pictures to my blogs with the utmost of ease (and still for free), and now he has shown me the light with Picassa Google's latest gift to the world!
Don't over look this one! Get Picassa! It really is amazing. It does so much including some pretty fancy image editing, sorting, viewing and compiling... It's oh so easy, its only a 1.8meg or so download, and its free!
This is the latest must have addition to your multi media toolbox.

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Kent said...

Having just started with a computer and digital photography. I downloaded Picassa, bought ACDsee2, and was given an Adobe Photoshop program. I found the Picassa easy to figure out, without makening any monumental errors. While the other 2 programs, although filled with far more bells and whistles, very difficult to use. I wish to learn more on all 3 programs. I recently had some 4000+ tansparencies from the 50's, 60's,and 70's scanned to a DVD and am now in the process of editing, and organizing these into a correct time line
Thank You Kent