Sunday, January 16, 2005

More on Beauty and Artistic Charm in eLearning Resources

In December 04 I posted on the use of artistic beauty and entertainment in eLearning resources, linking to a charming multi media interactive focusing on Alzheimers Disease as its subject matter... today another post about the charms of artistic sensibility in eLearning resource design with a link to The Asylum. (Sent to me by Aaron)

At first it might seem like a joke (especially if you know my friend Aaron), and in many ways it is quite a brutal joke, but when you spend some time with it there is a lot of educational content and intent in it to do with the practice of phsyciatric care. I learnt quite a bit from this game, it is well worth having a look at. No doubt you know someone with mental illness, this site will help give you a little understanding and insight to contemporary phsyciatric care in a comical and light hearted way.

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