Saturday, January 08, 2005

Google Watch

I heard a wild conspiracy rumor from my Bro inLaw about Google this afternoon and he pointed me to Google-Watch.
One of my posts last month praised Google's services at length so I'm interested in anything that may show otherwise, and Google Watch certainly has some very interesting things to say. At first I suspected it was a big counter marketing strike by Yahoo, but reading into it a bit showed that even if it is, there's still some important information being mentioned there.
Its primary concerns are to do with a likely Google monopoly over information (I remember experiencing an eerie silence on searches to do with Iraq on many a Googling occasion) and the page ranking system Google uses. There's more on Gmail, Google and censorship, how bloggers toy with Google, and a rise in commercialism at the expense of non commercial information... Some juicy issues to at least be aware of...

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