Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Our Lounge Room

I know it has little to do with Teaching and Learning Online, but we're still in the get to know you phase right? I'll start posting relevant info soon. Just trying out Hello to send pictures to the blog. This is my lounge room taken with my mobile phone. I've turfed the phone now though. It took great pictures (for a phone) but it's software was no good, and the bills were huge! And I don't get a signal up here at home anyway...


Toni Lee said...

Very impressed Leigh,with all you have posted so far.
It is helping Computer phobics like me, to get a start at something completely foreign. Of course, I'm attracted by the concept of posting information for "free" - in such a simple way.
Hope I can continue to grow and learn about it. Your workshops would be great, but perhaps I can learn it all by myself.

Toni Lee said...

Thank Sunshine for her comment to my Blog. I can't find hers. Will spend some time on this stuff now. Still trying to find a way to get down to see you for a few days. Look forward to getting some coaching then.